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ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 11, 2020 — Our Jewish Senior Life campus and spirits were brightened this Mother’s Day weekend in many ways. Thank you to The Grease Paint Alley Clowns Inc. for braving the cold and snow to bring a little “sunshine” to our residents. Our campus was brightened by the sight of 20 clowns parading around the Jewish Home of Rochester’s Farash Tower and Cottages.

There was a record number of families that came for window visits to celebrate Mother’s Day. It was a celebration – albeit a nontraditional one – but it lifted the spirits of all of our Mothers.

Thank you to the Grease Paint Alley and our families for bringing smiles and laughter to our residents.

The clowns sharing smiles.

A resident waving to the clowns

Saying hi through the window

Seeing mom brings smiles.

All smiles for mom

Even fur babies came for a visit.

Roz and her family sharing their love.