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ROCHESTER, NYDecember 12, 2021—The Jewish Home of Rochester has received a grant from The Legacy Heritage Foundation to be used towards telehealth technologies that will better address the needs of patients and residents, and increase efficiency in providing vital health information for residents and their families.

The Jewish Home is using the funds towards two objectives, a patient portal system and expansion of remote patient monitoring capabilities. The patient portal system allows families and patients to obtain health care information in real time and provides information such as lab results and how to contact the patient’s care team members. A portion of the funds has also supported research and investment in remote patient monitoring technology, ForaCare Telehealth System. The Jewish Home has purchased ForaCare devices and iPads which will enable staff to more closely monitor key vital signs and share data across clinical departments. Both the patient portal and remote patient monitoring technologies are integrated with the Home’s existing Electronic Health Record (EHR).

“We appreciate The Legacy Heritage Foundation’s generosity by providing us with this grant,” says Michael King, President and CEO of Jewish Senior Life. “These funds have helped us make an investment in technologies to support our frontline staff, allowing us to be more efficient and better serve the needs of our patients and residents.”

This telehealth project that has been generously supported by The Legacy Heritage Foundation fund.