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Information on Visiting

Jewish Senior Life has taken a safe and conservative approach to protect our residents and staff, and we will continue this approach going forward.  We continue to follow the CDC and NYS Department of Health guidelines for infection control.

Guidelines about visiting, effective February 3, 2022:

We want to alert you to guidance just issued by DOH regarding staff booster shots and visitor testing. The following are some highlights of the guidance, along with some analysis in italics:

  • Health Care Personnel Vaccination and Booster Shots:
    • All personnel must be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations as required by the DOH emergency regulation.
      • Please note that the recent amendment to the emergency regulation requiring booster shots is effective when it is filed with the Department of State. We do not know whether DOH has filed the amendment, but the DOH website does not show this version of the emergency regulation as effective. We anticipate that it will be filed and effective shortly. The Governor’s press release indicated that there would be a 14-day grace period.
  • Staff Masking:
    • All staff must be masked at all times, regardless of vaccination or booster status, and should consider wearing N95 respirators, especially in facilities where residents are unable to consistently wear face masks.
  • Visitors Masking and Distancing:
    • All visitors must wear a well-fitting non-surgical paper mask or a mask of higher quality (i.e., surgical mask, KN95, or N95) at all times during any visitation at the facility. If the visitor wishes, a cloth mask may be placed over the paper mask. The masks must cover both the nose and the mouth.
    • All visitors must physically distance from facility personnel and other patients/residents/visitors who are not directly associated with the specific resident(s) being visited by that individual.
  • Visitor Testing
    • All nursing homes “must verify that visitors have received a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result one day prior to visitation for antigen tests and two days prior to visitation for NAAT (e.g., PCR) tests.”
      • We do not know what the Department expects for verification of self-administered rapid tests.
      • The effective date of the testing requirements is unclear. In the absence of an explicit effective date, we would ordinarily assume that a guidance document is effective immediately.
    • Facilities can offer to conduct onsite testing of visitors, if practical.
    • Facilities must have policies and procedures in place to review and report results of SARS-CoV-2.
      • Please note that this does not refer to ECLRS reporting (see below). We assume the “report” refers to reporting positive cases to the local health department.
      • We also understand that if a visitor tests positive outside the facility, it would be unwise to require the visitor to re-enter the building to report their positive result.
    • Records of SARS-CoV-2 tests must be made available, upon request to the local health department and DOH.
      • We do not know what type of records the Department is expecting for self-administered rapid tests.
    • For visitors who visit for multiple days, including a visitor who comes every day, proof of negative testing is required as often as feasible, at a minimum every third day (meaning at a minimum testing is required on day 1, day 4, day 7, and so on).
    • Exemptions:
      • Ombudsman representatives. Under certain circumstances, the resident and ombudsman should be made aware of the potential risk of visiting, and the visit should take place in the resident’s room.
      • Compassionate care visitors who are visiting in anticipation of end of life or in the case of significant mental, physical, or social decline or crisis. The visitor must wear any additional PPE that the facility deems appropriate.
      • Emergency Medical Services personnel.

Infection Prevention:

  • Good hand washing
  • Face mask required
  • Do not visit if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick
  • Maintain social distancing of 6ft

COVID-19 Outbreak Testing Guidance:

  • Outbreak testing is initiated when a new COVID-19 case occurs on our campus. Only residents and/or staff members that have been directly exposed to a positive individual will be POC tested.  Exposure is determined using contact tracing.

We continue to provide the opportunity for families to join their loved ones at any of our off-home activity programs. You are more than welcome to join your loved one at a program in the Cottage Community room, outdoors on our campus or at programs within the main building in the Sands Center or Art Room. Families are encouraged to check out the OMA Art Exhibit in our Sokol Porch or stop in for a quick gift at the Gift Shop.

Programs that are being held in individual homes within the cottages or on the households within the Tower are not opened up for families to attend at this time.  These areas are for residents only as they are shared common areas within our campus.

Pandemic Plan – You can access our 2020 Pandemic Disaster Plan here.

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