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Our Commitment to Ethics

M. King
Mike King, President and CEO


At Jewish Senior Life, we aspire to be ethical in all of our interactions, whether they be with our residents, their families, or our staff. Jewish Senior Life’s mission is to enhance the quality of life, health, and well-being of Jewish older adults, their families, and others in our community, consistent with the values and traditions of our Jewish heritage. We operate on the premise that we can only serve our mission through honest and ethical behavior.

At Jewish Senior Life, our values recognize that people thrive in an atmosphere of respect, compassion and individuality. These values help guide us how to behave:

  • provide an atmosphere of warmth, dignity and respect based on our Jewish values;
  • foster an environment of independence and autonomy;
  • create an environment that promotes high quality services, creativity, innovation and always doing the right thing for those we are privileged to serve; and
  • encourage the richness of diversity among our residents, patients, staff and volunteers.

Jewish Senior Life is committed to conducting ourselves with the highest degree of ethics and integrity. Our Code of Ethics is an extension of our values. This code applies to any interaction, with any person—a resident, their loved one, a co-worker, and others. Whether we answer a call light, administer a medication, have a discussion with a resident’s loved one, make a home visit, or develop a policy, we must conduct our behavior with the best of intentions to serve others’ best interests. It’s not only doing things right, but doing the right thing.

We have a responsibility to act in our residents’ best interests. Our business ethics are the same behavior we would have with our own family members. Looking out for them, protecting them, and helping them to live meaningful lives in the safest, most professional and caring way possible.

We want everyone associated with Jewish Senior Life to be proud of it.