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Volunteers are the heart of the Jewish Home family, providing the extras that make the Home more inviting and comfortable for our residents. We invite you to join the family of Jewish Home volunteers—dedicated men and women (adults and teens)—who help make our community truly a home.

Volunteers visit residents, establish one-to-one friendships and brighten a resident’s day. They are the smiling faces in the popular Café Shalom each afternoon or leading educational and cultural programs, providing clerical support, working in the gift shop or the popular Café Shalom, and transporting residents to activities and appointments within the building.

Here are some of the activities to engage you as a Jewish Home volunteer:

  • Friendly visitor 
    A number of our residents do not have a local network of family and friends. Do you have time to visit and share conversation? Preferably a weekly commitment.
  • Escort/Transport
    Helping any of our residents in wheelchairs to attend events is the core of much of our volunteer work. Join in our programming efforts and help transport residents before and after the program.
  • Gift Shop sales
    Join our team of shopkeepers and have an opportunity to meet many residents and visitors as they browse and shop. A variety of time slots are available.
  • Café Shalom host/hostess
    Join our dedicated team of volunteers who keep Café Shalom open every day of the year. Arrange and serve snacks and refreshments, and serve individual Café guests.
  • Resident mail delivery
    We pattern our delivery motto on that of the postal service—that’s how important mail delivery is for our residents! Volunteers sort and label resident mail and deliver it room to room. Distributing mail is a wonderful way to become acquainted with our residents. Volunteers may also offer to open and read mail for residents.
  • Art therapy
    Help residents maintain their social and motor skills and self-concept by being a friendly helper in our art room during the morning hours. No art ability is needed—just the ability to be friendly and encouraging.
  • Shabbat Service
    Join us for the Sabbath one or two Saturday mornings each month. Help support this effort by bringing residents and providing assistance during the service.
  • Music
    Music is often the key to reaching residents, regardless of their abilities. Music brings pleasure and memories. We provide a number of musical venues from small to large group. If you have musical skills to offer, share them with our residents.
  • Escort for outings
    Volunteers accompany residents on outings to local attractions such as the Lilac Festival, baseball games, the zoo, etc. Residents will depend on you to get around. Volunteers accompany a resident who can walk or assist a resident in a wheelchair.

We welcome adults, families and students to become volunteers.

For questions, contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at (585) 784-6556 or email