August 3, 2020

Visitation Update

Based on guidelines imposed by the New York State Department of Health announced in July, a facility must be free of any COVID-19 infections in residents and staff for no less than 28 days.

The re-opening of visitation will begin:

  • Jewish Home Tower/Cottages – August 29th
          º COVID positive staff member on August 1st.

July 15, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information & Update

Family calls took place on July 14, 2020. Here are the links for each call.

Jewish Home Family Call

Summit at Brighton Family Call

July 13, 2020

Visitation Update

We are very pleased to share that the New York State Department of Health announced on July 11th that limited visitation can begin in nursing homes and assisted living facilities no sooner than July 15th. We are in the process of finalizing our visitation plans for both the Jewish Home Tower/Cottages and Wolk Manor per the NYS guidelines. Some key points of the DOH July 11th guidance are as follows:

• Submit a visitation plan for approval to the NYS Department of Health
• Submit a NY Forward Safety Plan
• Visitation should be primarily outdoors
• The facility must be free of any COVID-19 infections in residents and staff for no less than 28 days

Based on these guidelines, we believe re-opening of visitation will begin:

  • Jewish Home Tower/Cottages – August 29th
          º COVID positive staff member on August 1st.
  • Wolk Manor/Lodge – July 15th

The guidance stipulates that the dates will change with any COVID-19 infection with resident or staff, including suspension of visitation. Here is the link with more detailed information:

Family conference calls are scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th at:

• 1:00pm – Jewish Home/Cottage
• 2:00pm – Wolk Manor/Lodge
with the primary purpose being a discussion on the visitation.

Please email any questions, in advance, to Thank you for your continued support of our staff and your words of encouragement. Together we have continued to work on mitigating the potentially devastating effects of COVID-19 on our campus.

Stay safe and well.

Michael S. King
President & CEO
Jewish Senior Life


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information & Updates

Jewish Senior Life is committed to the care and safety of our residents and employees during this challenging time. We continue to follow the guidance and directives from federal, state and local agencies, and will keep residents and their families informed and updated. Family conference calls continue with Michele Schirano RN, Senior Vice President & Administrator of the Jewish Home; Susan Bussey, Senior Vice President of Housing; and Marie Aydelotte MD, Medical Director.

Any questions, please email our COVID-19 dedicated email at:

Precautions/Infection Control

A number of measures have been put in place to protect our residents and staff:

  • Visitations continue to be restricted across our campus.
  • All employees are screened upon arrival every day, for every shift. This includes taking temperatures and screening for signs of respiratory illness.
  • All employees must wear masks and any employee within 6 feet of residents must wear protective face shields.
  • Infection prevention and control procedures are in place. This includes handwashing and wearing of gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE), of which there is sufficient inventory. Social distancing of at least six feet is monitored and strictly enforced.
  • Help on Demand (HOD) training for non-clinical staff has been conducted. In anticipation any of potential clinical staffing challenges, they will be able to assist with meals, cleaning, stocking supplies, transport, and other duties.

The JSLADVANTAGETM enhanced sanitation is a unique, comprehensive 360-degree approach to protect from the spread of COVID-19 through extensive sanitization protocols. JSLADVANTAGE best-practice health and safety standards exceed guidelines from the CDC and Department of Health. The highly-trained Environmental Services staff at Jewish Senior Life conducts frequent, rigorous decontamination procedures supplemented by the use of innovative technology including the SteraMistTM Surface Unit and the UV Rapid Disinfection Unit, as well as the ReadyDock RD5® for Mobile Devices

Resident Engagement

Jewish Senior Life’s Recreational Therapy team is incredibly dedicated to keeping residents active, engaged and connected with loved ones. Activities include:

  • One-on-one staff visits including playing cards, games and reading stories
  • Hallway Bingo
  • Travelling “Art Cart”
  • Travelling Happy Hour and snack carts
  • Virtual events including Passover Seder
  • Entertainment programming on internal TVs including religious services, live music, exercise and more
  • Family window visits
  • Family video visits
  • We encourage families to send pictures or videos to their loved ones:


We encourage you to follow us on our Facebook page at to see photos and videos of what’s happening here on campus. The Jewish Senior Life family greatly appreciates your support as work together to keep our residents safe, comfortable, and engaged. Thank you.