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Power of One Redefining Home Revolutionizing Care

About the Power of One Campaign

Jewish Senior Life has embarked on an $83 million multi-year project that will re-define long term and transitional care in the region and ensure that the organization will continue to pioneer care for decades to come.

Consequently, the Jewish Senior Life Foundation has developed and launched The Power of One: Redefining Home, Revolutionizing Care Campaign, to help fund this extraordinary initiative, with all donations and earnings restricted to this important campaign. View our funding progress to date here.

The project includes the construction, in partnership with The Green House Project©, of nine “small homes” for long-term care residents on our campus, which opened in fall 2017, and renovating the Jewish Home to incorporate a similar model, with households on each floor, which will be completed in early 2019. All residents will have private bedroom suites with personal bathrooms. There also will be an expansion of our Transitional Care/Short Term Rehabilitation program. To learn more about our campus transformation, click here. To learn more about The Green House Project©, click here.

Jewish Senior Life had looked closely at how we can best respond to the changing needs of the aging throughout the Greater Rochester region. As we look ahead, insights have been gained which reveal opportunities for development of a variety of new offerings for dignified aging. We believe that we can meet the challenges of our elders by initiating a shift in the types of services we provide and the way we deliver them.

With these efforts, Jewish Senior Life will transform the traditional institutional model of care, maintaining a person-centered approach that focuses on each individual’s choices. Person-centered care is not just individualized attention, but it is truly centered on each person’s desires for what they want, when, where and how they want it, each day. This is the way Jewish Senior Life has supported our elders since the beginning; through this Plan and Campaign, we are simply redefining the environment that is their home and revolutionizing our care.

 The Role and Importance of Philanthropy

Throughout our 97 years, Jewish Senior Life has enjoyed a special relationship with our supporters: the thousands of donors who have helped to shape our work and strengthen our commitment to promoting healthy aging. Today, our continuum of care and community-based services are among the best in the nation, fostering independence, furthering self-fulfillment, and achieving whole-person wellness.

This campus expansion represents a significant investment in the future excellence of care we will provide to our residents with warmth, dignity and compassion. Supporting this Plan ensures that Jewish Senior Life remains the standard for quality care and breadth of outstanding options for the elderly in our community.

The Power of One: Redefining Home, Revolutionizing Care Campaign, conducted by the Jewish Senior Life Foundation, will support a tremendous transformation at Jewish Senior Life. Much more than a physical expansion, this project will allow us to deliver care that is centered on the individual. We will create more personal connections with our residents and their families and give our elderly the freedom to live their lives as they choose.

Ultimately, the success of the Campaign, will rely upon the generous support of Jewish Senior Life’s family and our community-at-large. We will need to come together to elevate our philanthropy to unprecedented heights. Anyone who has had their lives, their family member’s lives, touched by Jewish Senior Life, will be offered the opportunity to support this bold, innovative, and urgently necessary initiative. Each of us has the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of our elders, here on the Jewish Senior Life campus and throughout Rochester. 

Consider making an investment in our mission to redefine our home for elders and revolutionize the care we provide them. Your gift of financial support, and your gift of time, will make an enormous impact in achieving our vision.  For more information on making this difference, please call the Foundation at 585-784-6384.