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Miriam’s Circle Presentation & Vote

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for our virtual Miriam’s Circle Presentation on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. If you were not able to attend or need a refresher on the programs presented, please read the program summaries below before casting your vote.

As a member of Miriam’s Circle, this is your opportunity to decide how Miriam’s Circle membership dollars are spent each year to support our residents and staff. Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in their lives, especially during this critical time.


Feldman Employee Emergency Fund

Our Jewish Senior Life employees have done a heroic job throughout the COVID-19 pandemic taking care of our residents and keeping them engaged. Unfortunately, some employees are facing personal financial hardships due to the impact of the pandemic. This is why in June 2020, through the generosity of the Feldman family to the Jewish Senior Life Foundation, we began offering a new “relief” fund to our employees through the Feldman Employee Emergency Fund. Employees who are facing certain unexpected hardships that place them in undue financial stress may receive a grant award of up to $1,250. The employee need during this difficult time has been so high that we are asking for additional funds in order to meet those needs.


Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund

At the onset of the pandemic, Jewish Senior Life was quick to create an Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund to help cover the costs associated with fighting the spread of the virus on our campus. These funds are used for essential COVID related expenses such as, the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), COVID-19 testing kits, hazard pay for direct care staff, disinfecting supplies, temperature screening tools and technology that has allowed residents to connect with their loved ones while in isolation. These costs will continue for the foreseeable future—which is why we are asking for additional support.


Creative Arts Program

Our Creative Arts Program at Jewish Senior Life continued to bring various mediums for residents to enhance their wellbeing during the pandemic.  Through our program residents are able to express themselves, receive stress-relief, increased cognitive function and motivation to encourage personal goals. Through continued funding of this program we will be better equipped to continue these services that strongly benefit our residents.

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