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“I feel comfortable when Dr. Baratta’s here; she’s so welcoming and makes me smile.” – Lily, Client

Home Services Physician

Joseph, Client and Dr. Brenda Baratta

Primary Care Right at Home

We’re dedicated to caring for older adults throughout our community. Our unique Physician House Calls practice has a staff of physicians and nurse practitioners who provide a convenient, manageable way for older adults to get the high-quality medical care they deserve in the comfort of their own home. Hear more about the unique benefits of this program by watching the video from Dr. Brenda Baratta below.

Our program includes the following:

  • In-home primary care by physician and nurse practitioner
  • In-home urgent visits for medical problems
  • Coordination of care with specialist physicians
  • Team approach with social worker and psychiatric nurse practitioner available as needed
  • Coordination of care with home health care services
  • Review of medications
  • Assessment of abilities to perform daily activities

Meet our providers.

Dr. Brenda Baratta

Dr. Chrystal Jenkins

Yasmin Hollowitz, NP






A safe and secure option for adults over age 65 who are homebound.

If living the way you want means staying in your home, we want to provide you with the best care possible!


If you are in need of a new primary care provider, or would like to find out more about the practice, fill out the form below or call (585) 244-5993. Please provide a phone number and/or email address so we can get back to you.